Natalia Razumovsky


My dolls are looking for a warm and loving home.

My name is Natalia Razumovsky.
I've been in the tourism industry for many years.
In parallel, I always had a passion for handmade dolls.
Basically, at first, I was mainly involved in collecting handmade dolls, but after getting to know the amazing artists who create them, I realized that I wanted to touch this world and create dolls myself.
I took classes and learned from many famous world-name artists in the field. Later on, the hobby turned into a business.
The most important thing I realized over the years while mastering the craft is that these dolls are not only for decoration and coziness purposes but also for cheering up our souls and distract us from the coldness of the digital age. At least for the short time spent in their company.
As a creator, I try to convey this principle to my clients as well.
My dolls are looking for a warm and loving home.